About Sandskogen Construction, LLC

What is Sandskogen?

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After working for the family construction business and receiving a degree in Philosophy from Trinity University, I started Sandskogen Construction, LLC, in the spring of 2002. As the construction manager for Condon Builders, Inc., I had learned the skills needed to construct the sophisticated, highly detailed, and complex designs of my father’s prairie styled architecture. Along with my dedication to the home and its inhabitants, these skills serve as the foundation of excellence that I bring to the fine homes of Houston, Texas.

It is my belief that residential work is best achieved within the confines of a small business. With a small business I am able to fulfill the expectations of both the homeowner and myself by overseeing the entire construction process personally. Once contracted, I take great pride and joy in thoroughly studying all materials, specifications, and design details prior to commencement of work, thus ensuring the finest of finishes, both aesthetically and structurally. Whether contracted or developing on speculation, working with the homeowner directly allows me to build on my passion for the art of residential construction.

Eric Condon, President
Sandskogen Construction, LLC


Our Business Philosophy

In speaking of integrity in architecture, I mean much the same thing that you would mean were you speaking of an individual. Integrity is not something to be put on and taken off like a garment. Integrity is a quality within and of the man himself. So it is in a building.

—Frank Lloyd Wright, The Natural House, 1954

At Sandskogen Construction, LLC, that statement from the great architect Frank Lloyd Wright is our credo. Wright explains that integrity—doing everything in the best and most correct manner—is a quality that starts on an individual level. It is an inner quality, free of external pressure. This holds true for the builder and the building.

Architectural integrity and personal integrity have many similarities. Personal integrity provides comfort and reassurance to the individual by offering a sense of completeness that reflects the inner soul. Similarly, a home with integrity will reassure and comfort by honestly reflecting the character of the land upon which it is built, the materials used for its construction, and the soul of the owner.

Just as an individual with integrity is consistent in his/her actions, a home built with these deeper characteristics is consistent throughout. This consistency is best achieved by insisting on the highest quality of detail at every level – from structural to surface and in both public and private spaces.

A house with integrity has a timeless character. It is constructed to survive over many generations. It uses native materials and the most sound construction techniques to minimize long-term structural and cosmetic problems. The end product provides a level of satisfaction and comfort that goes far beyond appearances, to the soul.


The Sandskogen Name

Cottage at SandskogenSandskogen (pronounced sand sku gεn) literally means “sandy forest” in Swedish. Sandskogen forest is located in the small farm town of Löddeköpinge, Sweden (see map). It is bordered to the east by Segershill farm (birthplace of Eric’s mother) and to the west by the southwest coast of Sweden. Nestled among the towering fir trees of Sandskogen are a number of summer cottages including one that welcomes back the Condon family and friends every year.